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    Cursor issues


      I am working in lightroom 6 on a MacBook version 10.12. When using lightroom, I have the photo in the fit screen, any time a move my cursor over the photo it changes to a plus sign.  This happens in library and develop mode. Can anyone help me. Thanks!!!!

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Duplicate post. Already answered. This is a user to user forum, and you have to wait until someone volunteers to answer your question. You should not expect immediate responses. However, since it seems that you are a new user of both Lightroom and this forum, I will answer again. The behavior you are seeing is the way Lightroom is designed.  The + cursor  enables you to click and  enlarge  any selected area of the image for a closer inspection for sharpness,, etc. When the image has been zoomed  then the cursor will change  to a hand indicating that you can use the cursor  to drag the image to inspect different areas.