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    Exporting PDF to a Smaller Size from InDesign

    kcelsi1999 Level 1


      My question is about exporting pdfs from InDesign.  I have created a multi-page document in InDesign that needs to be exported to a PDF.  I can't use the print to PDF command because it includes hyperlinks that must work when the pdf will be viewed online.  The pdf needs to be a smaller size than the original (I made it too big).  It would be extremely time consuming to re-scale the whole document which includes many text styles, guides, master pages, etc.  When I go to Export, there is no option for page size like there is in Print to pdf.  How can I use the Export command to make the pdf a smaller page size so that I can also keep my hyperlinks?  Is there a way to edit the job options to create a custom job option with a smaller page size?


      Thank you!