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    Extracting a set of PDF pages from a "key word"


      Hello -


      I have searched the web for many hours looking for a solution on being able to extract pages from using a key word (instead of typing individual page numbers).  I even called Adobe Sales to ask if Adobe CS would work and they assured me it would but I would need the pro version.  So I downloaded - and it didn't - I called customer support and they said it wouldn't work - I recalled the sales group and they confirmed it wouldn't work now.  I am not saying this to complain, only to say that I have tried really hard to get this questions answered so I am hoping someone in the forums will be able to help... please!


      I have a 2000 page document and need to do a number of different "extractions" of different pages based on key words present.  If there is an automatic way I can do this, I would be very grateful if someone could help impart their wisdom on my:-).


      If there is a 3rd party software I can buy, I am happy to do that too (I of course started with looking at Adobe's products).  Oh, and I have a mac.


      Thank you,