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    Photo Book Issues


      I have saved a photo book I was working on, and when I returned I was unable to open any other collection to continue building my album without lightroom starting a new book with that collection.  How do I rectify this?  Any help would be appreciated.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          If I understand your question -

          You have -

          1. A "Saved Book" collection.  and

          2. A Standard collection of images you want to add to the book.


          To add photos from the Standard Collection-

          1. Open the Standard collection in Library Grid view (NOT the Book module)

          2. Select and drag photos from the grid and drop them on the "Saved Book" collection.



          1. Re-open the "Saved Book" collection in the Book Module by clicking on the white arrow at the end of the book collection name.

          2. Add the 'new' images to new book pages by drag-and-drop. The 'added' thumbnails will be at the end of the filmstrip.