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    Maddening Frame Issue

      Everything progressed just fine as I was building rollover behaviors. I got to frame 8 and when I pasted an image into the frame, it automatically reverts to frame 1 and paste's it into that frame (frame 1). I've restarted, I've tried different images. It always goes into the first frame.
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          JoeDaSilva Level 4
          I'm not sure why you'd need so many frames for a rollover effect. Personally I just make the up state, export the images via right click, then toggle a separate layer that has the "over" state graphics and then export those images. From there I assemble the navigation in Dreamweaver.
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            Thanks, The maddening behavior magically healed. I'm always open to new ideas.

            So how would you do a page that had many thumbnails, that when you rolled over, it revealed an image below?