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    Why is the "Save as..." dialogue box so slow to come up?


      Acrobat Pro DC

      New PC running Windows 10 Enterprise (i7, 16 GB RAM, no speed issues with other programs)

      Same issue on multiple machines (way worse on older PCs)


      When I want to 'save as', instead of getting a Windows dialogue, I get an Adobe one instead, which then eventually gets me to a Windows dialogue box.


      Why does this have to be this way? It introduces a delay of several seconds (longer on older/weaker machines) that becomes really annoying over time.


      I understand that the program may want to communicate with the "mother ship" (i.e., Adobe) in some manner, but this delay can be frustrating to someone who demands more from their software.


      Adobe, I hope you are listening, and either working to speed this task up or do away with it altogether. Previous versions of Acrobat worked a lot better in this regard.