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    Text menu problems


      I recently upgraded my graphics card to a GTX960, in order to drive two Samsung UHD monitors. Since then I have been unable to get InDesign CS6 to work correctly. It opens, but about half of the menu commands relating to text no longer function when clicked. e.g. drop down fonts menu, regular/bold menu, justify options, etc. Oddly, the right click context menus still work. Occasionally, the font menu will open about one minute after clicking it from the top bar, only to close again instantly.


      I have clean reinstalled CS6 and CS5.5 using new downloads from Adobe. I have applied the updates for CS6. I have run FontDoctor but it said there are no font issues or corruptions. My font collection opens correctly in Word. I have reverted the monitor resolution from 3840 x 2160 at 60hz to the previous setting of 1920 x 1440. I have reduced the display performance. I have checked for driver updates for the graphics card.  I have created new documents in case of file corruptions. Both versions of the program still display the same issues.


      I have searched this forum but cannot find any other users who have the same problem, or a solution. I realise the problem may be unrelated to the recent upgrade, but this is the only significant change I have made to the system since InDesign was functioning correctly. Any suggestions please?