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    Catalog-Import from PE 13 into LR 6 -> missing person- and event-tags, incorrect number of pictures and incorrect places


      After the Import of my PS 13-catalog into LR 6 there are following problems:

      - there exists only the keyword-tags in the new LR 6-catalog

      - the Person- and event-tags don't exist in the new LR 6-catalog. Why? What can i do, that LR 6 will import this tags?

      - the number of Pictures in the new LR 6-catalog is not the same as in the old PS 13-catalog (about 100 Pictures more as in the old PE 13-catalog). Notice: I have about 10.000 Pictures in the catalog and it is very difficult for me to find the different Pictures.

      - The places of geo-tagged Pictures (shown in the map) are not exactly the same between the both catalogs. It differ for about 3-4 house-numbers (about 50-100 meters).


      I apologize for my bad english, but i hope, that you will understand my problems and you have any solution