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    Soft proofing in Lightroom


      Hello, can anyone tell me whether is it possible to see an original image & a soft proof preview side by side as if in survey mode?

      I need to adjust a print copy to take into account the changes the print profile will make but want to be able to tweak that image so that it looks the same as the original once the soft proof is taken into account.

      At present if you compare the images they are either both in soft proof or not.

      How can I make the adjustments in the soft proof copy match the original image?

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          thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Make a Proof Copy (Virtual Copy) of the soft proof, then you can compare it to the original.

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            Diesel16 Level 1

            You are a legend - thank you SO much.

            I was close; I had created the virtual copy but not close enough coz I didn’t spot the “create proof copy” button.

            I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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              Diesel16 Level 1

              Oh no – you know what? it doesn’t solve my issue after all

              When you select N(survey) mode the soft proof copy reverts back.

              I have done an example to illustrate:

              1. This is original



              2. This is the original viewed with soft proof button ticked – ie. it’s a duller image



              3. This is the soft proof copy with a temperature adjustment – just for the sake of an example



              4. This is both images compared in survey mode – on my screen the magenta copy here is showing much brighter than pic #3.




              So what I want, is to be able to see pics 1 & 3 in the survey module.

              I want to be able to fine tune the adjustments and compare the soft proof with the original which i cannot seem to do because the adjusted soft proof goes brighter as soon as you leave the develop module

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                Diesel16 Level 1

                Cripes - where did my screen pics go?

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                  elie_di Level 4

                  Don't use Survey. Select the master and the proof copy and then press the C (for compare) key.

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                    Diesel16 Level 1

                    OMG it was that simple!

                    Thank you so much – I am very very grateful for your help

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                      im looking to do a similar thing and I’m not sure this actually answers my question.

                      i have an original file, when I apply soft proofing, its too dark, so I create a virtual copy, turn soft proofing on and adjust the copy to look at same as the original.

                      how can I view the original (with soft proofing turned off) along side the adjusted image that has soft proofing turned on

                      when I use the compare function, I think I am seeing them both with soft proofing turned off as it defaults back to the library module

                      if I use Refernce photo whilst in the develop module, I get both photos in soft proofing or not, I can‘t have a mixture - one with proofing and the original without





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                        JoeKostoss Adobe Community Professional

                        In the bottom tool bar, turn on soft proofing.  Make a change to the image, any change such as increase exposure.  In the pop up dialog "Make a Proof Copy".  In the Film strip select the Original and the Proof copy with the Proof copy being the Primary selected image.  Click YY button to see the two side by side.  Click YY again to get a left/right split or click again to get a top/bottom split.  Further edit the proof to get the desired effect

                        Screenshot 2018-02-04 15.40.40.png

                        If you do not see this tool bar, tap the letter t on the keyboard.

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                          whitefox13 Level 1

                          All  that needs to be done is to soft proof the image and in the Develop module, press the "Y" key on the keyboard.  The before and after will show up on screen.