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    Documents showing as published on dashboard, but can't open any.


      Hi All,

      Earlier last week, and most recently yesterday I published a document online and all was well.  I sent links to others to view - all of whom were able to do so.


      Today, when the link is clicked, it shows the page can't be found

      I've check in my dashboard - and under publication they all seem to be there, and analytics show people have been reading it... what am I doing wrong that they can't be accessed or found today?


      I've closed indesign and reopened, I've logged in and out of my Adobe ID, I've restart my computer, and also tried uploading a new document, everything works as per usual and a link is provided... but as soon as you choose 'view document' or click link - it shows the 'document not found' messaging again.


      I'm on the same internet connection, same computer, same log in, same everything.  It just seems very bizarre.


      Any help would be great!