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    Adobe Premiere Elements 12 does not start


      Hello everybody. New member, some issues. My copy of both Photoshop & Elements 12 worked with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Haven't used the software and upgraded my computer to Win10 Pro 64

      However, today I tried opening both and had issues starting them. Uninstalled & reinstalled both & updated.

      Photoshop Elements 12 now works. I can start both the Organizer & the Editor with no problems.

      However Premiere Elements 12 is different. I can start the Organizer but not the Video Editor.

      The first time I started it, it asked for the user name & password, after which it gave me an error window and crashed.

      Now the Organizer can be still started, but the editor just idles with the rolling black/purple bar below whether I chose Existing Project (I have none now) or New Project. After a while the rolling banner disappears and you can click on the other option - again with no result. Scrolling banner below (like thinking...) then after a few minutes it stops. And so on.


      I tried some troubleshooting methods I found on the forum but nothing helped (like renaming SLStore to SLStoreOLD (C\Program Data\Adobe) and SLCache to SLCacheOLD (C\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe)). And I don't have Adobe Application Manager installed on my machine.

      The other Adobe products I have are Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro (I know it's old, but still works great) and Adobe Live Cycle Designer ES 8.2 (I have no idea how this installed on my machine, maybe it comes with Win 10?)