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    Who can help with transcoding errors in PE 14? Mark II.

    Fabio Colasanti Level 1

      I had been corresponding with Steve Grisetti because I was unable to burn DVDs because of "transcoding errors" that block the process.   We had looked at my set up, but there were no obvious problems.   I have done a number of recommended thing, including cleaning up and defragmenting the hard disk (where I have almost 300 GB of free space), but to no avail.   The problem persists.


      However, I was able to burn AVCHD disks, which at least solves part of the problem.   I had a large backlog of holiday videos and I have edited a few and burned 5 AVCHD disks without problems.   Now the problem has appeared also when burning AVCHD disks.   I tried twice - the project is almost identical to other ones - and it blocked because of a transcoding error once at 96 per cent of the "Encoding media" routine and the other time at 94 per cent.   Now I am stuck.   I cannot burn anything that would be useful.


      Is there anyone who can help?


      Many thanks,



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are you able to output a 720x480 MPEG using Export & Share/Devices/Computer/480 with the MPEG-PS format?


          If you can successfully do this, it might be worth investing in a cheap DVD authoring program like DVD Architect Studio. Dedicated disc authoring programs usually include many more features and can even more reliably output disc files.


          But no need to even think that far ahead. Just see if you can output a 720x480 MPEG.