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    Resource Manager & CSS

    neatsweller Level 1

      I'm using RH2015 and trying sharing whole topics (instead of just snippets) across projects using Resource Manager.

      However, I'm finding that this happens:


      1. Drag topicA in Folder1 in Project1 to Folder1 in Resource Manager . TopicA uses onlinehelp.css in the project root folder.

      2. Drag topicA to Folder1 in Project 2 from Resource Manager. TopicA in this project points to onlinehelp.css in Folder1, rather than maintaining the link to onlinehelp.css in the project root folder (that file does exist in project 2).


      As a result, I end up with Project 1's fonts, colours, branding in Project 2, which is not ideal.


      I'm guessing as a workaround I could apply a master page to all files in the output or something like that when I generate the CHM file, but it seems kinda messy while i'm working on files, and confusing to end up with so many CSS files.


      Hoping this is something I'm doing wrong!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          HI there


          I don't believe you are doing anything wrong here.


          My own guess is that this is working exactly as designed and intended. It would appear that in order to preserve the integrity of the CSS and HTM relationship, the CSS is copied along with the HTM to the folder specified in the Resource Manager. This would ensure that the topic appeared as intended in the destination.


          It's a pretty simple matter to just use the Topic List to select all topics and configure the desired CSS file. Or, as you suggested, use the desired CSS in the SSL recipe.


          Cheers... Rick