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    How may I export a DNG camera profile (from DNG profile editor) to Lightroom 6

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      I am starting to use the DNG camera profile editor, and I saw a video made by Adobe explaining how to use the DNG profile editor. However, in the video is not explained how to export the profile to make possible Lightroom open it later on.


      So let's imagine I have a picture taken with a Nikon D5300


      I have it in the RAW format from Nikon, which is a NEF file, so I open it in Lightroom and export it as DNG to a folder.

      Then, I open the DNG picture with DNG camera profile editor

      DNG camera profile editor load the image, due the image's metadata it identifies the type of camera, Nikon D5300 and load the Adobe Profiles for that camera

      However... I want to create a new profile...

      I apply my color corrections, etc.

      And now I want to add this profile... so what I do next?

      If I select export it in DNG camera profile editor, it ask me to save a dcp file


      But in what folder should I save this dcp file to make possible Lightroom 6 open it and see it?


      In what folder are the DCP files for camera profiles in Adobe Lightroom 6?


      I think the profile files for every model of camera, are installed here:




      However... I don't see anything about Lightroom, what I guess is Lightroom is loading the CameraRaw profiles, so the profiles are available for every single Adobe software, like Photoshop CC and so on.


      Am I right?