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    After Effects CC 2015.3 v13.8.1 High Ram Usage with simple processing


      I have been meaning to tell you, All 5.9 Gb RAM  that i dedicate to my AE is used after 20 minutes of simple processing. I just do some very simple motion graphic design with 3 simple layers without any imported objects. the very first moment of running AE, it gets only about 300 Mb of my ram, but after a couple of minutes it goes to more than 90% of using RAM; so my Laptop's fan speeds up and sound like an overheating.

      Important Note: I just have to Purge the "Memory and Disk" so as to reduce the RAM usage of AE in every 20 Minutes, and again the Ram usage will be high.


      Note 1: I check the processes that possess the Ram significantly: I only have AE running.

      Note 2: I give the AE 11 Gb disk cache on SSD drive.

      Note 3:

      • CPU: Intel Core I7 6700 HQ
      • VGA: GTX 960M
      • Ram: 8 Gb of DDR4


      I don't reckon the 90 % usage of Ram just for a very simple processing is fine. what is the best way to get rid of that problem?



      Thank You,