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    How to buy LR 5 now in 2016 ?

    arnaud 1234



      I have an old Mac running with 10.6.8. I bought LR 4.4 for it in 2012 and it's still running perfectly.


      But I bought nikon D810, and LR 4.4 can't read NEF files of D810.


      So I want to upgrade my LR version. I bought LR 6 for my macbook pro yesterday : perfect.

      but this version can't run on my old mac. Neither DNG converter, capture NX and so on.


      So :

      I will try to upgrade my old mac with Lion 10.7 in order to use LR 5

      I want to buy LR 5 which can run on 10.7


      But Adobe support told me on phone that i can't buy LR 5. Crazy ! I bought LR 4 and LR 6 and i can't buy LR 5.


      How can i buy it ? How can i have an serial number of LR 5 ?