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    Determine the user at runtime

    williamadowling Level 4

      Is there a way to determine the current user at runtime?


      I have many people using my scripts daily and I'm working on building a logging and error reporting API so that I can build detailed log files and  accurately identify the source of errors. As part of this, I want to determine which user is currently running the script so i can log that information inside their log entry.


      We're all running Macs here, so i need something that works on OSX. Currently I'm just reading the contents of the /Users/ folder (with folder.getFiles()) to find the user's name, but I'm hoping to find something a little more reliable. I can guarantee that each user has a folder in their /Users/ folder with their name on it. However, the /Users/ folder often contains other files and can contain multiple users (for example, i have a 'will.dowling' folder and an 'admin' folder).


      I could eventually weed out all of the known undesirable names (.localized, DS Store, etc) but then i still leave myself open to the possibility that someone creates an unexpected file or directory in there.



      Is there anything in the adobe illustrator API that allows me to accurately read any unique information about the user so I can attach the username to the log file?


      Thanks in advance. =)