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    Day to a page planner - Date/day/month on each page scripts?


      Hi, I'm new to using scripts - and new to Indesign CC (last time i used it was some time again and i think it was CS5??)


      anyway, I'm  trying to create a planner with a day to a page - and I want to add the date, day and month to each daily page with pages like a month calender inbetween months. -  So pages 1-30 then a monthly calender page, then 1-30........


      catch is - im clueless as to how the scripts work?  and all the ones im finding on here are like 5+years old and even then im not sure how to implement them!!!


      So - can someone help me out?? and /or point me to a source that can teach me this stuff ???



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          Hi there! Did you ever figure this out?

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            fenjas29325284 Level 5

            Are you sure?  OK.


            There are 2 steps for this project. First the day-to-day pages, second the complete months.

            Later you have to insert the monthly pages on the appropriate places.


            The day-to-day pages:


            1) Create a Excel file like this one.


            Save it first as date.xls and then as date.txt (Choose *.txt with tab stopps!)

            The result should look like this:




            2) Create an InDesign file - size of paper as you like, 1 page. Create a text frame where you want the date  should be.


            3) Open the data merge panel (Window > Utilities > Data Merge). In the panels menu choose Select Data Source...




            4) Drag the field names weekday and date in the text frame and format them as you like.


            5) In the panel you can check the preview option.


            6) Now click on the icon for finishing the calendar. Make your settings. When you click the OK button, InDesign will create an new file with as many pages as you specified.



            The monthly pages:

            Load the calendar wizard script  and choose a design. There are tutorials and a user guide on the website.


            Have fun.