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    CH & After Effects Workflow


      How are you guys typically working with Character animator --> After Effects?  Do you typically "record" small scenes at a time in character animator and then export into After Effects?  Or do you perform the whole scene in one file and then export it all to After Effects in one large file?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          I typically record one character at a time in Character Animator and then composite them with any other characters, backgrounds, foregrounds, props, etc. in After Effects. So for example, in this video, I started with an audio track, then recorded the blue monster's performance and exported into AE, and then the same with the red monster.


          Basically, if I'm going the AE route, I like using CH to make my actors and AE to make their world. This will be even easier in the next upcoming release when we add dynamic link to After Effects and Premiere Pro.