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    Apply rollover effect to multiple objects.


      I'm looking for an easier way to apply rollover effects (different states for symbols) to multiple symbols at once. I know how to do this to each individual symbol but I'm wondering if there's a faster way to apply the effect to multiple symbols.

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Give them  a class name. example calls myIcons

          use in compositionReady.



          // do something




          Make sure you have the period before the class name!!!

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            joel_pau Level 5



            You can also use:  sym.getComposition().getSymbols("symbolName");


            For example:

            The library panel has a symbol named "Button".

            All buttons require a click event.

            sym.getComposition().getSymbols("Button").forEach( function(item){

                console.log( item );

                item.getSymbolElement().bind( "click", function(e){ console.log( e.target + " has been clicked"); });



            Now, if the goal of the click event is to play a label.

            sym.getComposition().getSymbols("Button").forEach( function(item){

                 item.getSymbolElement().bind( "click", function(){ item.play("aLabel"); });



            A sample: button events.zip - Box