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      I'm getting very frustrated I have jump through several hoops trying to get a refund of this service the last of which is being told I have to submit my request on this forum.


      I purchase this app in error. I contacted Adobe via there chat feature within minutes and was told that my purchase would be cancelled and a refund my money issued in 5 to 7 days I spoke with Ankit P.
      Then I received an email stating I needed to contact Android to cancel but based on my chat I assumed it would still be cancelled. Today I checked and it was still active therefore I cancelled it on Android but it is telling me that it remains in effect until 2017. Since I attempted to cancel it through Adobe in less than an hour of purchasing can you please issue a refund?

      The products simply was not what I needed for the task I was trying to complete.


      Thank you for your time and consideration.

      Carol Kozlowski