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    Why does Lightroom become unbearably slow over time?


      OK, so a few months ago, I was so sick of Lightroom being slow on my iMac i& 27inch that I decided to upgrade. I didn't want a mac pro, so decided to switch back to windows after ten years away.


      Current system specs:


      Intel Core i7-6700 4.00GHZ

      64GB RAM

      Samsung 950pro PCI-e SSD drive as main

      Samsung 850 EVO SSD as secondary drive

      Geforce 960ti Graphics card


      Initially, Lightroom was very fast. I say "very fast" as a relative term. Will all know Lightroom is terribly optimised, but for Lightroom it was very fast. Recently, however, it has gone back to being unusable. Taking multiple seconds to switch between photos, module loading is an absolute grind. I don't do any spot healing, or brushing, or use any of the special features. I use Lightroom specifically for Cataloguing, metadata, and exporting.


      I'm a commercial photographer, so my catalogues are usually very large, however, this only has 15700 images in it, as I only installed it a few weeks ago.


      For the life of me, I can't figure out why this program is just so incapable of running at an acceptable pace.


      I've read through some of the posts on this forum, and if possible, I'd really like to avoid any apologists telling me it's slow for some ridiculously obscure reason.


      Things I know:


      Six weeks ago it was fast.

      Six weeks later, it's unusable.


      Happy to share any settings with anyone who thinks they can help me