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    Unable to change the footer


      Hello Guys,


      eventhough I'm using InDesing for quite some time, I never really worked myself into the deep magic of it becase I only had to use it for our schools yearbook.

      But now to my problem: I have a footer with the date of last year which must be removed but I cant find how to do it. It disappears when I hide the main layer it is in but doesnt disapear when I'm hiding any of its sub layers. Every try to remove it whit any tool failed. Does anyone know what i could do? (There also is no box around it.)



      OS: Win 7 Pro 4-Bit

      InDesing v.: 2015.4



      Propably its an obvoius solution but because I dont know what to search for i just cant find a solution.


      Thank you in advance