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    Lightroom Photos deleted




      I've returned from a recent holiday with over 150 shots taken using the lightroom mobile app. With the intention of syncing these to the cloud I attempted multiple times to upload whilst on the holiday but turned out that it became stuck, pending multiple uploads. I decided to wait until I returned home to allow this process to complete on a trusted wifi network but the same issue remained, i.e. over 150 images pending to be uploaded.


      After reading multiple posts on this topic I navigated, using my desktop, to lightroom.adobe.com to review my images. I only had 13 images uploaded with the rest with a marker cloud icon stating the image failed to upload and to re-open my lightroom for mobile app to complete the transfer.


      As these were the stuck images I thought I'd remove all these images from the collection and start again. This is where it gets more frustrating...


      The prompt when I selected all the images stated that by deleting from here would remove the images from all the sync'd collections the images are associated to but not any desktop catalogs. I interpreted this to remove the images from my collections I've created to house these images but it turns out all the images have been deleted from the app itself - from the "Lightroom Photos" directory.


      The images on my phone all when blank and upon restarting the app they have all disappeared. What an awful user flow!


      Can anyone suggest a way to recover these images please?