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    Lightroom Mobile Moving Files on Desktop?


      I have several collections on my desktop version of LR CC that I sync with Lighroom Mobile. Nearly everyone of these photos was taken with a camera (not a mobile device) and imported via CF card to Lightroom. I then created the collections on my desktop computer and added the photos from the folder to the collection, which I marked to sync with LR Mobile. Recently I noticed that Lightroom (on Desktop) had created a folder called "All Synced Photos," and it appears that the catalog originals of the photos in the collection got moved from the LR folder where I store them this new folder.


      Three questions:


      1. I didn't want the original images to be moved; is this from some setting I overlooked or is it a bug?


      2.  Once I discovered this issue, I moved the files (within Lightroom) back to their original folders. Will they stay there now?


      3.  How can I prevent this from happening again. For what it's worth, I have now turned off auto-uploading from my phone and iPad if it makes a difference.