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    Website made with Fireworks has .png extension


      Dear Community, I have been racking my brains for hours trying to understand why a web designer (who I can no longer reach) created my website using fireworks and the end game was a .png extension.

      I need that website to be a regular website where I can modify and upload but do not understand how he created it. On my end it only appears as a 15mb .png file (image)

      Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.



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          anissa_thompson Adobe Community Professional

          Hello tjfranics!


          A web/graphic designer would create the layouts as a Fireworks PNG file in order to manage all of the page designs for the entire website in a single file (much the way a person would create slides for a presentation in one PowerPoint file, not a separate PPT file for each slide). The Fireworks PNG file is not intended to be displayed as the FINISHED web content to be uploaded to your website, but rather the source file for individual graphics to be exported from (and depending on what the designer included, possibly CSS and Javascript content as well).


          Feel free to contact me directly; I'd be happy to help you out with the export process.

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            tjfranics Level 1

            I'm honored to have a veteran such as yourself respond to my question.

            Yes I'd truly appreciate if you could take a look at this so-called "website" he claims he built for us.

            I opened the .png file with fireworks after he kept arguing with me that it is a complete website and I found layers and other html type of coding but still a huge question mark remains.


            may I email you the .png "website" or may I have your skype ID ?