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    Multiple Layouts, TOCs & Browse Sequences


      we came across the following

      problem: We created a multilingual HTML Help project (V 7.01, CHM output) where topics sometimes / often have the same name, because they refer to dialogs in a not-localized (English-based) application:

      Book English
      Dialog 01
      Dialog 02
      Book German
      Dialog 01
      Dialog 02
      Book French
      Dialog 01
      Dialog 02

      We then tagged the books with

      Tag1 = English

      and defined corresponding layouts


      We also defined three TOCs

      English User Help
      German User Help
      French User Help

      apart from the standard TOC (which contains all books). We then 'batch generate' the CHM files, which works fine, at least for the TOC and contents. The problem is that the browse sequence can only be based on one of the TOCs (see dialog sequence editor in RH). As a consequence we can't use the batch generation functionality but have to generate the related browse sequence based on the appropriate TOC before generating the localized output.

      Question: Is there a solution or workaround for this issue.

      Remark: We thought that having all topics for all languages in one project would help us to maintain only one folder for images and one style sheet definition.

      Cheers, Pinkepunk