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    Transferring Lightroom from an old computer (32-bit OS) to a new computer (64-bit)


      I recently bought a new computer, which runs Windows 10 with a 64-bit OS.  My old computer runs Windows 10 with a 32-bit OS.  I have Photoshop CS5 set up on the old and new computer with no problems.  Lightroom will be the problem.  I have Lightroom 4.0 on my old 32-bit computer and I have a Lightroom 6.0 disc I can install on my new 64-bit computer.  Many Lightroom experts, such as Victoria Brampton, say don't try to transfer your Photos/Lightroom catalog AND try to upgrade Lightroom at the same time, since this increases the  risk of problems and errors.  The ideal workflow according to Ms. Brampton would be:  (1)  Install Lightroom 6.0 on my old computer, allow Lightroom to upgrade the catalog, then move Lightroom to the new computer,  OR            

      (2).  Install Lightroom 4.0 on the new computer, make sure everything transferred successfully, then install Lightroom 6.0 and allow it to upgrade the catalog.  I am not sure I can make either of these options work, leading to my three questions:  (1)  Can Lightroom 6.0 be downloaded/installed to a Windows 32-bit OS, or can it only be installed to a 64-bit OS?  (2)  Can Lightroom 4.0 be downloaded/installed to a Windows 64-bit OS, or can it only be installed in a 32-bit OS?  (3)  If I can't make either option above work, how do I successfully transfer my Photos/Lightroom catalog from my old 32-bit OS to the new 64-bit OS without screwing up the Lightroom Catalog?  I would just add that this problem is making me crazy.  Thanks very much for any help or advice you can give!