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    Local adjustment brush questions

    southwestform Level 1

      1. Are the exact same saved presets available for the Radial Filter, Graduated Filter, and Adjustment Brush? Are there differences with the presets or just how they are applied with the different tools?

      2. How are the different options for Brush A and B used? What are the differences between the two?



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          richardplondon Level 4

          The adjustment presets are just a quick way to recall a particular setup for the adjustment sliders. The different local adjustment tools all have the same sliders and these sliders do the same operations (within the masked area). The only difference between the different local adjustment tools, is as to HOW that masked area is to be achieved, and altered.


          Having brush A and brush B is merely a convenient way to e.g. retain a particular setup of the brush "up your sleeve". The brushes operate just the same as each other, otherwise.


          Say you have brush B set up just as you want it for painting fine detail up to edges (or large areas, or whatever). And you then employ brush A for everything else, changing that bigger and smaller etc to suit as you go. But whenever you switch back to brush B, that will have still 'remembered' however it was previously set up.



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            southwestform Level 1

            1. How do you clear/reset all the settings from brush A and B?

            2. Does this mean that if I select brush B and make adjustments to the sliders it will retain those settings for brush B even after closing the program until such time that I somehow rest the brush?



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              richardplondon Level 4

              I am not sure what you mean by "reset all the settings for brush A and B".


              There are two sorts here - those of the brush, and those of the 'paint'.


              The remembered brush settings are radius, feather, flow, Automask etc.


              There's no 'reset' for those things - a brush can't have an undetermined radius, etc. It just has whatever was last set.


              The adjustment settings (such as Exposure etc) describe the 'paint' that either brush A or B will be putting on - or, that the Erase brush will be taking off.


              It is possible to reset those - to mix up, effectively, a completely transparent 'paint' which would make no visible difference to the picture if  you applied it. You can e.g. use an adjustment brush preset such as Exposure to put all sliders except one to their default position of 0, and then reset that one to 0 also. If that's what you want. Then things can be adjusted away from that 'do-nothing' starting point, as needed, in use. One downside is that you then can't see where you are painting unless you activate colour highlighting of the mask.


              Sequence is important here, as to whether those changes to the sliders are going to get remembered.

              • If you select the brush tool and then change local adjustment sliders (manually or by using a preset) before clicking on the image to start painting, then this updates what the default adjustments are.
              • If you first click on the image, initially get some default adjustments, but then change those - that is only editing the current brush 'pin'. Next time you will start out with the same initial default again.