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    LR doesn't set White Balance temperature correctly on import

    sydneylow Level 1

      When I import a Canon RAW file with a manual white balance e.g. 5300K

      Lightroom sets it as "As Shot 4650K"

      Why does it do that, and why doesn't it set it to 5300K as specified in the image's EXIF data?

      Attached is image showing the issue:"

      - CR2 file imported into Canon DPP correctly with White Balance setting as per EXIF in the image file

      - EXIF data showing manual white balance

      - LR imports this and sets WB to 4650K

      - EXIFTool app extracts the following info from the file (not shown):

      White Balance                   : Manual Temperature (Kelvin)

      Color Temperature            : 5300



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