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    After Effects CC15.3 GPU not available with Quadro FX 4800 on Mac Pro 2010


      Hello dear community,


      First my configuration :

      Mac Pro mid-2010 (5.1) 2 x 6 core, 32 Go RAM, NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 1500 Mo DDR3

      After Effects CC 15.3

      Last updated drivers for NVIDIA and CUDA.


      Here's the problem :

      In the "GPU Informations" panel inside AE preferences, it's impossible to select the GPU for raytracing, it appears grey in the drop-down menu.



      (sorry it's in french)

      Ebauche rapide : Disponible

      Mémoire de textures : 614,00 Mo

      Lancer de rayon : Unité centrale

      (GPU indisponible - Périphérique ou pilote CUDA incompatible)


      Fournisseur : NVIDIA Corporation

      Périphérique : NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 OpenGL Engine

      Version : 2.1 NVIDIA-10.11.13 346.03.15f03

      Mémoire totale : 1,50 Go

      Modèle d’ombrage : -


      Version du pilote : (5.0 ou version ultérieure requise)

      Périphériques : -

      Mémoire utilisable actuelle : -

      Mémoire utilisable max. : -


      Any clue about this ? After Effects recognizes the NVIDIA card but says it's incompatible.


      I know it would be much better to work with Cinema4D but the problem is i'm not the one who created this project, i have to work on it and deal with the raytraced 3D...


      Thanks to everyone for your help