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    Explore Files in Mobile Adobe Lightroom

    Lorenzo Pearson

      Software engineers, Designers, and Users,


        How can anyone say that this is good software or even useable software?  Unless I'm missing something one can not readily explore for files on my Android Samsung S5 phone.  I can't set default directories, I can't explore like a file explorer, I can't exclude directories.  WTF!  I can't believe this software probably cost Adobe millions to design with lots of different developers (engineers, designers, etc.) and you can't even access files like I have been doing since highschool which was 33 years ago!  Come on people! Let's use a file explorer that all people can understand.  How could people even account this program as useable? It is so flipping annoying to open the Lightroom software and and not be able to find the file I just saved a few seconds earlier.  With a file explorer it would take me a few seconds...with your software I can't find it! Again WTF!!


        If there is a way to add files by browsing like a file explorer, I halfway apologize, but on the other hand I don't, because I still can't find the file explorer either.


        My abbreviated background:  I have a degree in Geophysics with a background in writing, physics, chemistry, computer programming, calculus, geology, and the list goes on.  I was programming in highschool with one of the first PCs on the market (an Epson 80xxx) that you had to stick in a 5.25" floppy disk with the operating system on it just to start the computer.  I used Star Office where one had too enter all the formatting codes that are hidden today to write my highschool homework.  Yeah yeah. Blah blah. On and on.


        The point is that Adobe Lightroom is a joke dirt not having even the most rudimentary structure for useability.



      Loren Pearson

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Neither LR for the desktop/notebook computer or, as far as I know, LR Mobile is not, has never been, and more than likely never will be, a File Manager and or as you call it a File Browsers. The only part of LR desktop, and I guess LR Mobile (Don't know as I don't use LR Mobile), is the Import dialog that will show all folder on the drives connected to your computer directly or that you have access to across a LAN. You use that import dialog window to browse drives/folders so you can import images into the LR catalog file which is just a Database file.


          You clearly don't know how LR works, what it is, or how to work with LR.


          There are very good tutorials on using LR on the net for free that covers all the basic aspects of using LR and also more advanced features. I suggest you start looking at some of them.