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    Import does not preserve folderstructure




      I've been using lightroom for several years and am now working with LR6.


      My usual workflow for importing is to first copy the files from the camera to my harddrive outside of Lightroom. I work on Windows 10.

      My folder structure is simple:

        Pictures (not the standard windows one)


                DATE Event


      Once the pictures are stored on disk I launch Lightroom and import from disk by browsing to the newly added event folder. The new folder would then position itself under the YEAR and mimic the folder structure disk. It would look as follows.


      This has always worked out fine. Recently I tried importing from the camera directly and the first time I actually liked it. The second time it did not work out at all and I had to cancel it. I have tried a few more times and it simply does not work.


      My problem is now that as I revert to my usual import strategy it does not work as before. The "DATE Event" now ends up as a sibling to (on the same level as) the YEAR folder as follows:


      If I try to move the folder into 2016,  LR informs med it can't since the folder already exists.


      Hopefully this is just some setting that has been changed accidentally or as the import from camera failed BUT I fail to find what it should be.

      As I import I have the Include subfolders marked.


      My workaround for this is now to do as follows:

      1) Copy from camera to the harddrive BUT outside my normal structure

      2) Import the folders and get them on the root of the library

      3) Move the folders inside lightroom


      This is very tedious.


      Any help is appreciated


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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          Use the ADD option when you import instead of COPY or MOVE

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            bhousto90 Level 4

            Without seeing the matching folder structure in Windows File Explorer we can not see exactly what may be going wrong.


            However, I suspect that Lightroom is hiding some of your parent folders.


            Right click on the folder named "2016-07-15 - 22 Nice" in Lightroom and click on "Show Parent" (you may have to repeat this a few times to get to the level you want to be seen, then repeat for other folders as necessary)


            Alternatively, if you import from the camera outside of Lightroom to your desired folder structure first. Then, later when are doing the Lightroom import choose "ADD" in the import window and it will leave the files in their original location retaining the folder structure/filenames etc.

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              As Bob has suggested stop using the Copy or Move option and start using the Add option.

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                LN66 Level 1

                I already use the Add option and I cannot select "show parent" to fix it.


                This is what itlooks like as I import:

                (Note that I have edited the screenshots to make the point, so I have all the years in between etc. Just less information to digest)


                1) The folder structure on disk (I just added the Gremlin folder to make the point):

                2) Click Import in the library module, and as you see it exactly match the structure below "Mina bilder". (This is something I set up long ago and I have since never had to do anything. It has just worked.)


                3) The import option look as as follows. I select the newly added event (Gremlin) and import.The add option is selected as you can see.


                4) The result looks as follows in the library module:

                The Gremlins folder is now a sibling to 2016, and it should have become a child, just as on disk.


                5) If I try to move it by dragging and dropping in the library folder nothing happens.


                6) If I right click on the Gremlin folder and say "show parent folder I get this"


                (This seems like a clue to something that is not quite right in the catalog...)


                7) The same thing happens if I later add more pictures to a folder (event) and then import them. All of a sudden I have two folders with the same name. One below 2016 (the original) and then a sibbling for the newly added pictures).




                Any suggestions?


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                  Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                  Try right clicking on the Disk-2 (D:) heading or one of the other Year entries and select Show Parent.


                  The Mina Bilder folder should be displayed also under the Disk-2 heading.


                  Try creating a new catalog and import some images from that same drive then select the Show Parent option and see what happens.


                  You can Optimize the catalog from File > Optimize Catalog.


                  You can also try opening a backup copy of your catalog then re-import your most current image files.


                  Is this Disk-2 drive an external or internal drive. Could be the drive is starting to fail.

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                    bhousto90 Level 4

                    Check to see if there is a trailing space character in the "2016" folder name.

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                      LN66 Level 1

                      I'm now back on track but it took some work to get there.


                      As you might know LR use sqlite as its database.

                      - I used sqlite to check the db consistency and found no error in the db.

                      - I used my backups to locate at what point in time something went wrong.

                      - I used some sqlite tools to find out what had happened and it was not much but even so hard (or at least to time consuming) to reverse engineer and understand the database schema from an application point of view.

                      - What I could see though was that whenever I imported the newly added folder was added as a root folder as opposed to a library folder.


                      Something is wrong with the db and it has to do with a duplicate id that should be unique. I'm pretty sure Adobe could fix my DB (and given time so could I but I simply lack both energy and time). A tool from adobe to analyze the database would be appreciated.


                      IF you are wondering I have also performed sanity check on my disk ( and I actually have 4 disks, i.e. copies with the same problem).


                      So what did I do?

                      1) Using my faulty catalog I exported the folders added up to a known point in time.

                         I went back further than necessary since I did not want to run into issues with merging

                          changes on the same pictures. A clean sheet so to speak.


                         I exported the folders as catalogs and excluded previews as well as copys.

                         (As I imported the catalogs later on this meant the new catalog linked to my

                         original pictures as opposed to the exported copies)


                      2) I created a new catalog folder and put my uncompressed backup catalog here.


                      3) I opened the new catalog and imported the exports. Regeneretated the previews and now

                         it all works. I have even saved my edits.



                      Thanks for taking your time