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    Lightroom Exporting Monochrome RAW/TIFF to Photoshop


      Hi there,


      Lightroom has started doing the strangest thing today...


      When I open the context menu for a photo, and choose to either..

      - "Open as Smart Object In Photoshop" or

      - "Edit in Photoshop 2015.5"...


      ...the image opens in Photoshop with all of the colors missing!


      It is still an RGB image, and Adobe Camera RAW still functions. In the HSL tab, the option to "Convert to Grayscale" is not clicked.


      A simple Export to Web still shows that the image is missing it's color info, so I'm led to believe that Lightroom is stripping it on export, or Photoshop on import.


      The only workaround I've found so far is to perform an Export from Lightroom... actually saving a file... then opening it in Photoshop. THAT does preserve color info. But I've become accustomed to opening as Smart Objects, so I'd love to figure out what the issue might be.


      I don't believe that anything is off in my External Editing settings: 2016-10-29_18-58-17.png - TheHeroCompany's library


      Anyone have any ideas?? Thank you!