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    Phonegap desktop won't start


      On Windows 7, Phonegap desktop starts up but then does nothing, just a spinning circle.


      It worked on my other windows 7 computer.


      I allowed it through the firewall, but it still just sits there.


      I'm sure that there is documentation out there but all the googling I did led to errors in actual application development, not just getting the thing to work in the first place.


      How can I find out what's wrong and fix it?



      I tried using Streams as suggested for a different program here, but that didn't work.


      I also tried this solution, but that didn't work, and many of the files listed weren't in Phonegap's directory anyway. I don't seem to have an 'unblock' option in explorer.


      And I tried copying all the files to a FAT formatted drive, but that didn't work either.