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    multiple screens ?

    Zipzap32 Level 1

      Hello everyone , i am an animate user and also a photoshop user , within photoshop it's possible to resize the workflow on 2 screens so that the workspace is bigger to fold options etc... but not on animate ?? i tried to tweak the options etc ... but when the program is closed and opened the workflow is reset ... So is there a way to go around this ?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          create a custom workspace by clicking window>workspaces>new workspaces.

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            Zipzap32 Level 1

            no actually i was talking about the general "animate" window ,  the program itself , under photoshop you can resize everything on 2 screens for instance , close the program and still have the same areas back when you reopen it , whereas animate shrinks the workspace to only 1 screen when you reopen everything so ... anyone else ?

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              did you try it?

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                Zipzap32 Level 1

                off course i have but nop ... when i resize the general animate window on 2 screens at once (and have properties on the right screen and so on) and shut the program and reopen every icons stack on a single monitor as if ... dunno , but with photoshop no it works , have you got 2 screens yourself kglad ?

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                  but that's the way you setup custom workspaces in animate so if that doesn't work for you, what you want to do is not supported.

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                    ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

                    I really hope you don't mean you're trying to span the main window across multiple monitors. That would be awful trying to operate any controls split in half by a pair of monitor bezels.


                    What you're supposed to do for multiple monitors is undock any controls or panels you want on the other monitor and drag them over. On my setup I have nothing but the timeline, stage, and tool palette on my primary monitor. Everything else is shoved over onto the secondary monitor.

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