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    How to contact Adobe ?


      How to contact Adobe ? Since 5-6 weeks I try to contact Adobe support. They dont answer my emails, they dont answer chat, or chat and phone only Monday-Friday,

      I can only Saturday-Sunday......

      Why is it not possible to cancel the Abo ? This function is not in my account panel. And why I can I not pay with normal bank acount ?

      I hate credit cards. Adobe change my price from 23 to 59 Euro / month without to inform me. This is not serious, so I want to cancel my Adobe account. I need only Premiere and photoshop for hobby, and this is not 59 Euro/ month worth. Unbelievable that I bought it very expensive and now I can not use it.


      Last Point : Adobe steal my paid Production version CS 6, I bought Adobe Premiere and Photoshop and Lightroom and the Production package over 15 years from begining, new and all updates, many many thousands Euros, now I have nothing. And Adobe doesnt answer and give no chance to contact.