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    Color profiles broken with PNGs?

    idolum Level 1

      I have a bunch of PNGs that apparently got exported out of PowerPoint (don't even ask) and they have some really whacked embedded color profile in them called "Color LCD Calibrated" which After Effects sees, but does nothing about.


      The working space of my AE project is sRGB.  The image on the left shows the original PNG imported imported into AE (my project working space is sRGB.) It shows the profile, but you can see from the thumbnail it's all brown looking, which is how the image looks if you were to ignore the profile -- like turning on 'Preserve RGB' in Interpret Footage, except I can't even as all of the color controls for the PNG footage item are disabled.


      If I open the PNG in Photoshop and do nothing but re-save it as PSD, that results in the image on the right.. shows the same profile, but actually does the correct thing and converts it into my working space. And all the color controls in Interpret Footage are active, so I could click on 'Preserve RGB' and make it (incorrectly) look like the ugly brown PNG version.


      So unless there's something I'm missing, it seems like embedded color profiles in PNG are broken in After Effects.


      AE 2015.3 ( on Windows 10