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    Where is "Where Is"?


      In older versions of PRE, when I changed the HD location of a piece of media that was part of a project, PE tried to figure out where it was by asking me “Where Is xyz”  and letting me know the name of what it was looking for. All I had to do was to point to a new location on the HD.

      Beginning with PRE13, the “Where is” question did not come up. Instead I was to blindly figure out what item was missing. I was led to understand that it was a bug in PRE.



      I just purchased PRE 15 in the hope that this issue would be resolved. It was NOT!!

      Very disappointing!

      Am I missing something?




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The Where Is screen is definitely still a part of the program, Joe. But where are you looking for it -- and what operating system do you have? (In version 15, it's a little different on a Mac.)


          Whenever you open an existing project that has a lost or broken link to a media file, the Where Is window will open, asking you to locate the file -- just as it always has.


          Are you saying that's not happening for you?

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            yossi000 Level 1

            Steve Thanks,


            I am on a MacBook Pro, Mac OS Sierra

            The before image depicts what I used to have until PRE 12. An explicit name of a missing file (i.e. Paris.mp4).

            The Now image is what I get now (PRE 15) with no clue as what is missing.

            I hope this makes it clear.



            Where Is.png

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Computers using El Capitan and later Mac OS and OSX are not providing a proper Where Is screen. I've made Adobe aware of it and they are working on a solution, which they hope to release in an upcoming update. Although the problem really is with the Mac operating system, as evidenced by the fact that this problem is affecting not only current but even previous versions of Premiere Elements that USED TO work just fine.


              As I said on the Muvipix forum, there is a convoluted workaround I can show you on that forum. But the problem is not with the program itself. The Where Is screen shows up just fine in the Windows version of the program as well as in the program running on older versions of OSX.

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                yossi000 Level 1

                It is hard to believe that in the past two years  the smart people at Adobe couldn't figure out a solution to this problem.

                There is no such thing as a problem with the operating system. It is a sheer neglect by Adobe of the  PRE customers. Shame on them!!


                Steve, I would appreciate it if you could show me the workaround you mention in your post. Does it identify the missing file?





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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  No. It's an ugly workaround.


                  You need to go to the folder where your media files are located and select any video at random. This will open your project and it will reconnect all of the OTHER files that are located in that folder.


                  Then, once the project is opened, go to the Project Assets panel, find the file you randomly located, right-click on it and select Replace Footage -- then browse back to your media files and swap in the correct video.


                  It ain't pretty -- and it's not easy to explain. But it works in a pinch.

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                    yossi000 Level 1



                    I dont understand what you mean "select any video at random. This will open your project "

                    Suppose I have an external folder called Paris. In the folder I have five mp4 clips Paris1.mp4 to Paris5.mp4.

                    My project PARIS lost connection to all these clips. How do I "select any Video at random".?



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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      When the screen that you've posted a screen capture above opens, select a random clip (say, Paris1.mp4) and click Open. This will trigger the other clips in that directory folder to connect correctly. Then find the clip you select Paris1.mp4 to link to and, if it is incorrect, Replace Footage to the right clip.


                      As I said, it's an ugly workaround -- but there's no other way around it.

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                        yossi000 Level 1

                        That is how it worked in the good old days when "where is" was working. I pointed to one missing clip and the other missing clips were  connected automatically.

                        Now, if I'm missing Paris 1,2,3 i(out of 5), it keeps asking me for each one of them individually and does not automatically connect to the missing ones by identifying one (i.e. Paris)1. I have to blindly point manually to all the missing clips.The screen pops up as many times as there are missing links.


                        BTW, Does "Where is" work in the Pro version?