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    Bindable Canvas backgroundImage  without Embedding

    Zen Seven Level 1
      Hello everyone,

      My flex web-application uses a lot of images, and they are all stored on the webserver outside the swf file. I'm trying to pre-load all these images into the swf before starting.

      All I want to do its bind a variable to the backgroundImage, and then load a BitmapAsset into that variable when I know it's all loaded. The closest thing I've found on the net is the following: IconUtility Which was a good starting point. I generalized things and works for some styles, (upskin, downskin, etc) but not for others, since the name of the style for the Loader doesn't seem to be consistant.

      I've been struggling with this for a solid day now. It seems strange that I can't do this. I'm sure someone has run into this problem.

      Any advice/suggestions greatly appreciated.