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    Can You Use D Drive With Adobe For Videos


      I have Adobe Premier 9, OS Windows 7, 4GB RAM, 64bit.


      Hard Disk Drives:

      (C) 8.62GB free of 200GB

      (D) 387GB free of 395GB


      (1) The problem is, there is not much space left on the C Drive.  Can I now finish my 10 Minutes video with 100 pictures and music on D Drive?


      (2) I will be burning this video onto a DVD  disc and will be played on a TV for family and friends.

      There is not much option to choose from:

      Presets: PAL Widescreen Dolby or PAL Dolby

      Quality: Fit contents to available space.

                   Highest quality

      Can I change any of the other settings - width & height, profile, level etc and how for burning?


      Would it be best to purchase Physical Ram?


      Thank you


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can absolutely use your C drive for your programs and your D drive for your video, photos and project files. In fact, that's the preferred setup for most professionals.


          However, 8 gigs of free space on your C drive is not nearly enough for Windows to fully deploy Premiere Elements. I wouldn't recommend running a program like Premiere Elements with any less than 50 gigs of free space on your C drive. Otherwise, your program is going to crash pretty regularly.

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            Moti Level 1

            I have Premier Elements 9  installed on the C drive, Windows 7, can I transfer  this program to D drive or do I need to re-install to D drive.
            You helped me with my previous question to put photos and videos on the C Drive but I had to start all over again with my video on the D drive.

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Common practic is to put programs (including windows) on C and the rest on D.

              Might need to run Crap Cleaner or something simular on your C drive.

              Elements has a clean button for Media Cache. Use that.