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    InDesign publish online error #23




      I am trying to publish online a document with embedded videos my Dropbox public folder but I keep receiving the following error message. The strange thing is I have been able to publish this document in the past and all the links are still in tact. I know it's a problem with this document because I can publish other documents.


      Anyone experienced something similar? I've tried the following so far:


      - disabling firewall setting and then publish

      - System Preferences->Network->Advanced->Proxies > If any of the check box is enabled in above dialog, then some proxy settings are selected. Please try after unchecking all the check boxes.



      Screenshot 2016-10-30 10.55.57.png

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Make sure you're logged in to your Adobe ID in the CC desktop app (in the menu bar on Mac, task bar in Windows). Click the "gear" icon > Preferences > General > Sign Out, then sign in again.


          Also, see you it's just this particular publication. Try a simple page or two first to see if that's working.


          What size and format are you using for the videos?

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            I am having the same issue and have been trying all day. My deadline is tomorrow morning. I tried even going back to 2017 version and still get the error! HELP~ BTW no videos in mine!

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              AEMSPRSCRIBE Level 1

              Hi, Im new to using Forum's. Everytime I try to Publish my simple one page Epub i get this message for two days now.


              i had a Four page Epub that i went through incredible difficulty but finally Published.  I tried every suggestion you gave; Logging in and out of Indesign Help and Cloud Service.  Changed Proxy settings. Disabled Anti Virus.  I even Deleted my old preferences and Reinstalled Indesign.  Nothing worked.  Then mysteriously one night after about 20 tries in a row; it worked!

              Now i am going through the same thing all over again with a simple one page Epub.  I keep getting this error:


              An error occurred while uploading your document. Please try again.

              Error #40

              ID: 1aad1940-cf4e-11e7-b20d-bb2b3f527620


              I followed the LLink suggested and it gave this text response:

              {"_links":{"self":{"href":"https://cc-api-cp.adobe.io/api/v2/limits","type":"application/hal+json"}},"small_file_upload_limit":104857600,"rendition_size_limi t":2048,"copy_job_subtasks_limit":1000}