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    Getting a tad frustrated


      Hi folks


      I am pretty new to After Effects (well, I dabbled a few years back and have only just come back) but I'm trying to learn some skills to put towards video creation. I don't know what exactly is going on but there goes...


      Every time I start a new composition (1920 by 1080) I end up with the following image...



      I'm not sure why I'm not getting that black window in the center of my screen but I cannot do anywork with it as anything I do seems to be below my field of view. Perhaps there's some setup I've not done to make sure this doesn't happen, but unless I drag the window edge down (and hide the timeline) I cannot see the full black workspace. If ANYONE can help PLEASE DO! I would be extrememly greatful for any help I get.


      Thanks in advance.

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          idolum Level 1

          Hold down on the spacebar, click down in the viewer and drag it up.  Or try clicking in the lower left corner of the viewer where it says "100%" and selecting "Fit" or "Fit up to 100%"


          Dunno if it's getting confused by the extremely wide aspect ratio of your monitor or what (or is it a dual monitor setup spanning both?)

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            EvilHarb Level 1

            Thankyou for that reply - I shall try it out and see what happens.


            NOTE* It's a single Acer Predator 34" widescreen monitor.

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              EvilHarb Level 1

              Nah - it's still all screwy. If I do hold the space bar and drag it up the top line of the black work space seems to be masking the area. For instance - if I use the pentool to create a red diagonal line (trying to create a lower thirds for a video) and click on that black area the actual line itself appears below that work space. I'm not sure if it is the monitor but I read everywhere how a widescreen monitor is supposed to be great for that kind of work. If the monitor is the issue though then I'll have to cancel my subscription and look elsewhere I guess which is sad.

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                Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                this is probably a display issue but could that could be resolved. what is your current resolution in your display settings?


                try updating your display driver. what is your GPU name? try re-installing after effects and tweak your driver settings if you have it. for example here's a similar thread that tweaked his NVIDIA settings after re-installing and solved his problem: CreativeCOW

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                  EvilHarb Level 1

                  Acer Predator x34 ws monitor - current resolution is 3440 x 1440.


                  Nvidia drivers were updated yesterday. My gpu is a GTX Titan X (12gb ram)