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    Problems transfering files from Photoshop 13 to Lightroom CC


      I've been a user of Photoshop 13 for several years and recently switched to the Photoshop (Ps) & Lightroom (Lr) CC bundle through Adobe.  I am trying to transfer pictures to Lr on a new computer (Dell Inspiron 15 7569) that I installed Ps & Lr on last week.  I copied all files to an external hard drive first and then did a "Copy as DNG" to the new computer.  After the copy completed the computer then converted the files to DNG.   I checked, and everything in Ps & Lr CC is the latest Rev.   I have been capturing in RAW for a couple years now but some of the files that were transferred were J-PEGs. 


      My issue is that whenever I open a picture on the new computer it is blurry UNTIL I plug the external drive back in so some info is not copying through.  Also I noticed the tag, notes, or rating info was not copied to the new computer. 

      I then noticed that under File I can press CTRL+W to "write the catalog data to their files".  Should I have done this first?  Is there a potential problem with this?

      I thought I saw somewhere this evening that I should use "Upgrade" to load the new files into Lr but I don't recall where I saw it. 


      I'm thinking of deleting all the new files from the new Lr, connecting a patch cord to eliminate the external hard drive, clicking CTRL+W to write catalog info to files, and then trying to transfer the files with the Upgrade option if I can figure out where I saw it, and finally Convert to DNG. 


      I have the "Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC for Photographers Classroom in a Book" from Adobe so I will be looking into that further also. 


      I just want to get the highest quality files into the new Lr that I can. 

      Thanks for any input/advice dottrr@comcast.net