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    Adobe Ps CC failed to install


      Hi all,


      I recently built a new SSD into my PC so I had to reinstall Lr and Ps, the first time Ps started downloading it said that I needed service pack 1. I downloaded all windows updates, installed Lr and when I tried Ps it said I needed to install SP1. That's when I realized the update had failed. I ran the SP1 update again and for some reason it failed again without my knowing. I ran it a third time successfully. Then my GPU failed, i had to wait a few days to get a new one. Around this time I had a problem with my Lr catalogue that wasnt loading my most recent backup( dont know if this is related to the Ps problem).


      Anyway, new GPU is in but I cant install Ps from creative cloud app, I looked at all the fixes online but can't resolve the issue, I made sure I had a successful SP1 installed and Lr works just fine.

      The error says;

      Installation failed

      Windows updates from microsoft required to install this product are not available on this computer. Please install the required updates and try again.


      I tried to use this page to fix it: Error :api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing  but still no luck


      For what it's worth are are my system specs;

      Windows 7 Ultimate

      I5 2500k CPU

      GTX 1060 GPU