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    Cannot export files from Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0


      Greetings, I have had Elements 7.0 for a long time.  Recently I moved to a new laptop, Premiere Elements 7.0 installed fine,

      but I want to export mpeg2 files from my timeline, and when I try to do this, the gui gives me a pop up window which says

      "Activating component".  When I copy my serial number from this window, and then go to the pop-up www.adobe.com/encoderactivation

      the adobe page says


      '404 error" the page is unavailable.


      I'm pretty sure this worked a year ago.  where do I go now to get the encoder activated for this old product?






      Software Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0 9-15-2008

      Hardware MSI GE 72 2QD Apache Pro laptop

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There were components in older versions of Premiere Elements (and 7 is pretty old) that needed to be activated the first time you used the program to output a file. On your old computer already had these components activated. Your new installation doesn't -- and, since the activations have likely been discontinued, it will not be able to.


          One possible fix is to install the free trial of version 15 and hope that it installs these components as part of its installation.