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    Anybody with the latest Indesign CC?

    lad67224627 Level 1

      So I downloaded the trial of Indesign onto my home computer and started creating myself a draft of some coursework due for Wednesday, my trial has now expired which leaves me with the only option of using my sixth forms software. My sixth form has fairly poo computers and subsequently made the decision not to upgrade from ID CC 2014- which means that my file that I created during the trial is not compatible with the ID I can use at school tomorrow.


      My question is would somebody be kind enough to let me send them my file and then save it as an ID CC 2014 file and send it back to me??


      Its not that I've done much on this piece of coursework... its a poster layout literally just with a few textboxes but I just can't remember exactly how I laid it out and as I remember it... it didnt look too bad??

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          If the school computers are connected to the internet and have the latest patch for CC 2014 (and maybe even an earlier version), they should be able to open the CC 2015 file by doing an on-the-fly internet conversion to IDML when you choose File > Open... and select your file.


          If not, send me a link by the private message utility (or post the link here and someone else might get to it faster) and I'll convert for you overnight.