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    URGENT : Problem with my back up


      Hello ,  i'm Alex ( A French man : I'm sorry for my english ... ) , Yesterday i have broken my macbook pro by mistake . Result : my hard drive is broken and i have loose all my pictures . I would like to know if adobe lightroom makes automatically a back up on her data base . I really need this pictures because it's for my next photographie exposure . So if you could recover my pictures on your date base i'll be the most happy man .


      Thank You


      PS: I've work with adobe lightroom .

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          dj_paige Level 10

          The photos are not stored in Lightroom. They are stored on one of your hard disks, wherever you put them or wherever you told Lightroom to put them. You need to recover the photos — and the catalog file — from your hard disk(s).

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            No your images are not backed up on any website or images storage site. That is up to you to backup your images.


            Lightroom does make backups of the catalog file but your images are not stored in the catalog file. They are just referenced from where they are stored on your hard drive into the LR catalog file. But those backups are stored on the same hard drive as the catalog file by default unless you manually select some other storage device to make the backups to.


            So unless you can access the hard drive that is in the Mac that is now broken or you do have a backup of the Mac that broke you have lost all your images, the LR catalog file and any edits you ever made to any image.