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    How to change the e-mail to my TypeKit?




      I'm a Graphic Design student and I've been using Creative Cloud for free for a year now. Today I had to refresh my student membership to continue using your software. In order to do it, our college told us to type our student e-mail in the box and log in with our Student ID. It obviously worked and my license has been refreshed but there is one problem. Until today, I have been using my personal e-mail as my Adobe ID and now I am "forced" to use my student e-mail. I bought one year plan in TypeKit on my personal e-mail and now there is no way for me to sync the fonts because I am using a different Adobe ID for Creative Cloud. Is there any way to change my e-mail for TypeKit? I somehow fond this option on Behance, but Typekit - no idea.

      Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 17.58.10.png