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      Could someone plainly state what is the resolution of the art board in Sketch? I've been looking and looking for this information, and I can't find an answer.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi KXP,


          Do you mean the resolution when it's saved as an image? If so, depending on what device you're using it's either  2048 x 1536px or, on an iPad Pro, 2732 x 2048px. Or do you mean the actual canvas size? Which I believe is the same as Adobe Draw's 3,600 x 3,600 points.


          In the next version of Sketch (and Draw), which will be available in a couple of days, it will be possible to choose a relative canvas size, which I think will make things a lot less confusing.


          I hope that helps.



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            Will we be able to save & export at any resolution we desire? I certainly hope so! I am hoping to print my work on 11in.x17in. and I need 300ppi.

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              anniew89350460 Level 1

              Seems like the canvas sizes have gotten a little bigger but not big enough to do 11x17 at 300 ppi. It's only giving you bigger canvasses at lower resolutions. I hope that Adobe will address this. as we know that certainly the iPad Pro is capable of a larger canvas!

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                Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                Hi Brooke.


                Sketch currently has a 4096x4096px limit but... we're working on supporting larger sizes, like 11x17 at 300ppi; that capability will be available in a future update.



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                  CCFAmedia Level 1

                  I keep waiting for Adobe to stop treating the iPad like it's only for quick loose beginnings.

                  I'm making a comic on my iPad Pro.

                  In Procreate app, I can have 11x17 at 300ppi (3300 x 5100) and I get 27 layers.

                  27 layers is a lot to work with.


                  It can also 11 x 17 at 600ppi (6300 x 9528) and get 4 layers.

                  That's enough resolution for doing professional comic book art.


                  Procreate is made by some relative novices compared with Adobe.

                  Why can't Adobe just get with it already?

                  Hell, free Medibang Paint app does better than Photoshop Sketch.  I can open the same resolution files as in Procreate.

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                    Hey Sue! Any update as to when we can expect larger resolutions?  I will be happy to sacrifice number of layers for more real-estate like in Procreate.





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                      Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                      Hi Matt,


                      Nothing yet. But I'm thinking probably sometime next year for higher res and custom canvas sizes.


                      I know sooner would be better...



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